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“To be a premier university, offering business education, research and management skills. And to provide best managers to the society with global insight”
Faculty of management sciences strives for producing skillful managers who can transform their business studies into well-directed practices, and to introduce innovative leaders to global business environment. Students are trained with updated theories and practical experiments for building their entrepreneurial and managerial profile. Considering its diverse stakeholders, the mission of business administration department is to provide hard working, well-equipped, trained and innovative businessmen with highly welded ethics to the society and to global market.
Alfalah University (AU) opened its doors in 2011 with initial enrollment of 120 students, today has more than 4000 full time students which is the recognition of the efforts made by AU to build a standard infrastructure and to provide quality education opportunities to its students. It has proven itself as one of the prestigious University in Afghanistan in the field of Business Management Sciences, civil engineering, Journalism, Sharia, Law and Political Sciences. The University is currently operating in Jalalabad and planning to establish quality education provision network throughout the country.
Under the umbrella of Alfalah University, Faculty of Management Sciences also started its services from the first day of the commencement of AU. So far Faculty of Management Sciences has graduated three batches. In first batch 22 students were graduated. In second batch round about 450 students were graduated. In third batch round about 150 students graduated. Most of the graduated students are employed in different governmental, non-governmental and in private organization as well as working as entrepreneurs serving their beloved country. Faculty of Management Sciences is well-equipped to provide standard business education and capacity building training to the students as well as public and private sector’s workforce in a suitable manner. Currently 650 students are enrolled at Faculty of Management Sciences.
The Faculty of Management Sciences has the Head of Faculty, a course coordinator, an assistant course coordinator, two assistants and 18 full time lecturers. The faculty also has internal committees for the smooth running of daily and semester wise activities. Namely, Departmental Academic Counsel, Quality Assurance Committee, Discipline Committee, Internal Research Committee, Curriculum Committee and Lecturers Committee. Most of the faculty members are Master Degree holders from internationally recognized universities and have more than three years of teaching experience. Therefore, it has capability of conducting specialized training for locals and foreign organizations in its main campus and outside apart from the regular course.
Faculty of Management Sciences has excellent environment to educate its students and give them unmatched rewards in terms of learning, skill enhancement, peer interaction and career prospects. Faculty of Management Sciences provides education with innovative applied research, practice based on technology to shape young brains. It endeavors to prepare them for a successful and ambitious career to embrace the fiercely competitive globalized business world. Faculty of Management Sciences is surely educating and training the future leaders of Afghanistan, these are future business leaders, future parliamentarians, and future ministers.
Alfalah University has a well-furnished and well equipped building having a great deal in contributing to educational purposes. The faculty of Management Sciences Office and Course Coordinator Offices are on the Second Floor of the building with all the necessary articles and equipment.
The class rooms of Faculty of Management Sciences are sufficient and are well equipped and designed to cater all the needs of an educational environment. Faculty of Management Sciences has nine classes in morning shift and ten classes in evening shift. Faculty has innovative tools and equipment for their regular classes and also for practical. Every class is having a white board for the lecturer, LCD, Database cable, internet etc. the class rooms are wide enough placing every student in a decent manageable style. The class rooms are having fans, air cooler and are well ventilated and airy so that fresh breeze can entertain the students, every class room is having its own tiny notice board for office-student-coordination. The overall environment is ready to study and meet all international standards.
Faculty of Management Sciences has unique way of recording attendance of the students. Using database for keeping the record of classes, attendance and their course follow up.
By the grace of Allah, Faculty of Management Sciences all staff is of local lecturers who are committed to the society having a deep knowledge of handling the students, involving them in practical work, and research.
Alfalah University has a research center from which Faculty of Management Sciences is also benefiting to a great deal.
Every student has the right to visit the research center and all the lecturers use the resources provided by AU for research. AU is developing the research culture within the students to develop an innovative society
Books are the true friends once suggested by a philosopher. To ensure the complete knowledge of business administration and also the contemporary issues in business world, a student has to read many books to understand. AU is developing the reading habits of its students by providing variety of related books, magazines and newspapers. It has hundreds of books related to finance, accounting, management, marketing, social sciences and Islamic studies. AU library is well-equipped with latest versions of books.
AU has the latest computers for facilitation of its students. AU computer lab has round about 40 computers with high speed internet, to equip its students to current challenges of information technology.
AU provides its students a great learning facility, through practical work, video lectures of top universities of the world updated helping material, innovative learning methods, computer lab.

Faculty of Management Sciences provides specialization in the field of HRM, Finance and Marketing.
• Lecture
• Class Discussion
• Using Power Point Slides
• Videos
• Use of LCD
• Story telling
• Case Studies
• Assignments and Presentation
• Test/ Quiz 5%
• Assignment 5%
• Class room activity 10%
• Middle exam 20%
• Final exam 60%

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