Head of Departmentfor Law and Political Sciences Faculty ((دحقوقو پوهنځی رئیس

Location: Jalal Abad, Afghanistan

Organization / Company Name: Alfalah University

Job Category: Education

Employment Type: Full time

Salary: As per University salary scale

Contract Duration: Permanent with three months probationary period

Nationality: Afghan

No.of Jobs: 1

Experience: 4 years

Announced Date: 14, October, 2018

Expiration Date: 29, October, 2018

Gender: Male

Education: MS / MA/ LLM in Law and Political Sciences

Vacancy Number:  AU/HRM-84

په شرايطو برابر کسان کولای شي خپل اسناد موږ ته د ذکر شوي ادرس له لارې راولېږي.

Link: http://www.acbar.org/jobs/37498.jsp

Company Background

ALFALAH University (AU), which opened its doors in 2011 with an initial enrollment of 120 students, today enrolls more than 5000 full time students which is recognition of the efforts made by the university to build a standard infrastructure and to provide quality education opportunities to its students. It has proven itself as one of the prestigious University in Afghanistan in the field of Civil Engineering, Business management sciences, Journalism, sharia, law and political science. Alfalah University is currently operating in Jalalabad and planning to establish quality education provision network throughout the country.

It is well-equipped to provide standard business education and capacity building trainings to the students as well as public and private sectors’ workforce in a befitting manner. It has well-qualified and experienced foreign faculty available for its various regular classes and special training assignments. The faculty members are at least Master Degree holders from internationally recognized universities at least having a minimum of three years of teaching experience. Therefore, it has capability of conducting specialized trainings for local and foreign organizations in its main Campus and outside apart from the regular courses.

Job Summary

The prime role of the Head of Department for Law and Political Science Faculty is to provide strong academic leadership, demonstrate vision and empower others in order to deliver the agreed departmental strategy within the Faculty, furthermore he is required to lead, manage and develop the department to ensure it achieves the highest possible standards of excellence in all its activities. They will be supported by the VC Academic and by colleagues from within the department, Faculty.

He should work collaboratively with team to implement excellent approaches to bring effectiveness leading to growth.

Duties and responsibilities

  • TheHead of Department( HOD) of Law and Political ScienceFaculty is typically responsible for ensuring the success and monitoring ofacademic Programs.
  • Designing Inventing new methods, procedures, instructions of teaching and learning for students and lecturers.
  • Setting goals for the department as well as handling day to day running of the department.
  • Arranging meetings with academic team (lecturers) to ensure that students related problems are specifically addressed.
  • Formulating objectives for students at departmental level and determining practical ways for achieving these objectives.
  • Developing and implementing departmental plans and policies of university.
  • Establishing new innovative methods, frameworks and help advise assessing student s’ coursework based on university  ‘s policies,
  • To contribute in the process of designing and implementation of relevant and high quality curriculum.
  • Monitoring evaluation and revising of designed curriculum.
  • Direct involvement in Interacting with students identifying their needs and its accurate management.
  • Coordinating and assigning, the Course Coordinator on routine tasks including all time tables, are kept up to date and soft visual resources ( slides) andteaching handouts are ready for lecturers.
  • Assisting the Course Coordinator to ensure that all lecturers are available to their classes and classes are equipped with boards’ digital multimedia (LCD) and no complaints are entertained from the student’s side which will help improve both education and policy.
  • Preparing planning new teaching methods to reflect changes in teaching methodologies.
  • Carrying out administrative tasks related to the department, such as pursuing lecturers teaching timetables and their punctuality to duties on timely manner.
  • Monitors the academic achievements of students and collaborating with the top management in issuing honors and awards that recognize those achievements.
  • . The Head of Department(HOD) will also often deal with conflicts between faculty and staff members, to ensure problems are resolved in beneficial ways to promote a positive environment.
  • Develop best approaches to bring effectiveness and produce maximum output to the University.
  • Implement department strategy and evaluate performance to ensure that division operation is running according to standards set out in the strategy.
  • Ensure the mission and vision statements of the Alfalah University (AU) are being properly adhered byacademic team faculty members.
  • He must be potentially able to manage risk.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

  • MS / MA/ LLM in Law and Political Sciences
  • 4 years of professional experience in a reputed educational organization.
  • Must be proficient in writing, reading and speaking, English, and as well as both national languages Pashto and Dari
  • Computer Skills: Able to use computer applications Knowing office automation (MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint, email and able to easily navigate internet.

Required skills for Dean of faculty

Special Aptitudes

  1. Awareness of current syllabus development
  2. Positive attitude to use of authority and maintaining discipline
  3. Emotional resilience in working with challenging behaviors
  4. Able to form and maintain appropriate relationships with faculties
  5. Able to enthuse, motivate and discipline students and faculties
  6. Able to communicate effectively
  7. Must be creative and able to resolve problems when arise between co-workers.
  8. reporting skill
  9. be flexible
  10. demonstrate sound work ethics

Interested candidates are requested to send their letter of interest (cover letter) along with the updated resumes to email career@alfalahuni.edu.af mentioning the vacancy title and number in Subject line of emailno later than 29th October–2018.

Only short listed candidates whose qualification meet the above criterion will be contacted with, and called for the test and interview. The test & interview dates, time and place will be determined and communicated with the short listed candidates only sooner after the deadline of vacancy announcement.

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